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IT Support

Have you ever noticed that the more senior people in IT don't like dealing directly with end users? It's because users can be so difficult to deal with and don't fit into the neat patterns that IT should have. Every single person in IT should be on user support for a day.

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Quick Transit Gloria Mundi

Quick Transit is a product from Transitive Corporation that recently won the 2007 European ICT Grand Prize for Innovation. The product stems from research work at Manchester University, UK, going back more than ten years under Alasdair Rawsthorne, now CTO.

Quick Transit is a technology for virtualizing an OS by translating one set of Operating System (OS) calls to another. This means that you can run an application or service designed for one OS on hardware that does not run that OS. How does that help?

In summary, it gives vendors a way to help you migrate legacy applications or services to new hardware running a different OS. You could take your clunky old UNIX application and put it on your new standard hardware running Linux or a Linux virtual machine.

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